About Us

The Great Commission was the last command given by our Lord Jesus Christ before His ascension. The command was to make disciples to the ends of the earth – to venture far beyond our homes, family, earthly possessions and loved ones to declare the gospel to the world. These were His parting words as He left in our hands this trust until His return. We have no greater privilege than to do all He has commanded until the last nation on earth hears and obeys the gospel.

Venture Far (VF) consists of a team of experienced cross-cultural practitioners, educators, missiologists, and strategists to thoroughly equip the church for this greatest of all causes. VF is comprehensive in its approach to all ages, and all things necessary to be fully furnished as ambassadors to the ends of the earth.


Venture Far is an arm of Eagles of Peace (EoP), founded in 2003. EoP was birthed out of a great evangelistic movement in the former atheistic nation of Albania when the new church quickly transitioned from being a receiving nation to becoming an International Sending Movement (ISMs). That’s when Eagles of Peace became the first designated sending agency in the country. Since then, EoP has grown into a global entity which serves to train and send internationals from ISMs to unreached peoples around the world, including Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa

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